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Issue #033 January / February 2006

20 D&RGW's Bear Mountain Division
By Walt Schuchmann
The Action Road means realistic operation on this basement sized railroad.
29 Easy Trees from Nandina Shrubs
By Larry Burkholder
Easy techniques for several tree styles from this one shrub.

6 Welcome Aboard
8 New Arrivals
32 Great Shots
By Rich Yourstone
The first Zephyr
56 NSR Horizons
60 NSR Calendar
62 Observations
By Bill Denton
Helicon Focus Photography

By Rich Yourstone
Helicon Focus software is a new tool that can improve our photography.
40 Modeling CPR 40 ft. Boxcars
By Brian Morgan
Brian takes a break from modeling BN equipment to build a fleet of 40 ft. boxcars for his primary connection, Canadian Pacific.
47 CofG Woodchip Hopper
By Richard C. Thomason
This unique wood products car starts with a basic coal hopper.

Flange Test
By Kirk Reddie
This isn't going to change anyone's opinion, but it is a start of testing.


NYC Jet Car
By Mark Runyan
In 1967, New York Central conducted a bold speed experiment by strapping an RDC underneath a jet engine assembly.
183.85 mph later you too can model this beast.

On the cover:
An eastbound Jersey Central commuter
train departs Cranford while
the Reading’s Crusader approaches
under the Lehigh Valley mainline.
This photo was a composite of 34
images covering about 12 feet of
depth on Rich’s layout. See pg. 34.