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Issue #008 November / December 2001

PagesTitleAuthor or OwnerSubjectComments
16-19Naction: New England & Southern RailwayRothlisberger, CoryLayout
20-23Freight Car Fleets: Kent CharlesCharles, KentFleetFreight
24-29Feather River Canyon's North Fork BridgeMontgomery, DaveHow-ToConcrete Viaduct
30-41Modern Feather River RouteBridgwater, MarkLayoutPrototype and Model
42-43Lowering the ForegroundReddie, KirkHow-ToModules
44-47Small Tools for Small ModelsKnapp, TomHow-To
48-49Oklahoma City Train ShowAlcock, Bruce
50-51Drawbars for the LifeLike FA-1sFisher, RichardHow-ToLocomotives
52-55Making the Scene: Valence and LightingHow-To
56-57Ttrak: A new Idea for  ModulesFitzGerald, Lee & JimModules
62Modeling Passenger EquipmentJirousek, MarkCommentaryPassenger